Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MRT Sg Buloh - Kajang station view

Underground station

Upon completion, the underground stations that will line the MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang alignment will be world-class metro facilities that will not only be functional, but also aesthetic in design. The stations will employ green technology to boost energy efficiency and a number of features that will provide access to the disabled. These facilities include among others:

- Ticket gates wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

- Elevators from the ground level to the concourse and platforms.

- Braille markings on lift control buttons.

- Step-free access drop off points.

Wheelchair user can navigate easily at station.

KL Sentral MRT station

Each station will also serve as information centres for the MRT, and will provide information on the various lines, interchanges and transfer points. Interchange stations will clearly mark out the route for transfer passengers to enable commuters to change trains seamlessly.

Merdeka MRT station

Each station will also be given a unique identity to best reflect the relevant historical theme or activity of the location. The stations will also feature artwork by local artists as part of the “Art Express Programme”, where a panel of qualified people will select and commission appropriate artwork for each station.

Bukit Bintang Central MRT station

Best-in-class safety systems will also be employed to ensure that any emergencies that may arise during the course of the stations' operation will be quickly and efficiently handled. The stations will feature an automatic fire and sprinkler system, as well as public address systems in the event of the need for passenger evacuation.

It is also important to keep in mind that the MRT will not be a transit system in isolation. By design, the MRT will integrate with existing LRT and monorail lines to create an integrated transportation system within the Klang Valley.