Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New ticketing system for KTM

KVMRT has found out photos that put KTM Komuter new ticketing system in details. As such the three divided photos (below) tell whole storyboard.

From it, we can assume that tokens are used for integration between RapidKL Rail (LRT and Monorail) and KTM Komuter. Meanwhile a new magnetic contactless card is for normal KTM Komuter transactions.

On information RapidKL's AFC, click here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

KTM gets first batch of SCS

KVMRT took this opportunity to compliment KTM who received the first batch of six electric train coaches (SCS) with witness for Transport Minister. This is definitely a reason for commuters to cheer about, soon if not now.

KTM gets first batch of electric train coaches from China (The Star)

Friday September 23, 2011

PORT KLANG: Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM) has received the first batch of six electric train coaches from the Transport Ministry.

Its minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said the Six-Car-Set (SCS) manufactured by China's Zhu Zhou Electric Locomotives Co Ltd were shipped from Shanghai Port on Sept 13 and reached Westport at 2am yesterday.

“Unloading work began from 8am and was completed at 5pm,” said Kong, who was at the presentation ceremony at Wharf 3, Westport in Port Klang.

He said the coaches were part of the 38 new sets for the KTM Komuter service which are being financed via allocations from the Federal Government under the sixth initiative of the National Key Results Area programme.

“Under this initiative, RM1.894bil has been spent to buy the 38 sets which will help improve the quality of the KTM Komuter service,” Kong said.

He said delivery of the sets would be in batches and completed by May next year.

First batch: Kong (in tie) inspecting one of the electric train coaches in Port Klang Thursday.

“The coaches will undergo operational and security tests before they are deemed safe for use,” he said, adding that it would take one to two months to test each set.

“The sets will be sent to the depot in Batu Gajah Perak for tests. The first train is expected to start service by December.”

Kong said his ministry was optimistic that with the new trains, the schedule of train arrivals could be shortened from 30 minutes to just 10 minutes and the target to increase capacity from 95,000 commuters to between 150,000 and 200,000 would be achieved.

Latest: MyKomuter launched

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

KTM Update: Six-car train sets to arrive

KVMRT take note of this news article about new six-car train sets (SCS) that would arrive at Port Klang on Sept 23. Below are the details and interior views of the new SCS. An exhibit on details of the new Komuter was set up at KL Sentral for public display.

KTMB buys 38 new trains (The Star)

Monday September 19, 2011

KTMB president Dr Aminuddin Adnan, who is aware of the various problems faced by commuters, said they have bought 38 new six-car train sets (SCS) after an allocation of RM1.8bil was pumped in through the National Key Result Area project.

“The first set of SCS is scheduled to arrive at Port Klang on Sept 25.

“Another five more sets will be delivered between November and December, while the remaining 32 are scheduled to be delivered in stages from January to June 2012,” he told StarMetro during an interview recently.

Sleek: A picture of the new six-car train set put up by KTM at KL Sentral for public display.

He said the first batch of SCS would be sent for commissioning and testing by the manufacturer, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co Ltd, and monitored closely by Land Public Transport Commis-sion.

“The tests will include how it responds to our signalling system, functions of braking and door systems as well as realiability of the train,” said Dr Aminuddin, adding that about 95,000 commuters were using the KTM Komuter trains daily.

“To ease congestion, we are using two sets of the Electric Train Services.

“The new trains will enable us to accommodate 150,000 to 200,000 passengers daily,” said Dr Aminuddin, adding that the first batch would only be operational from January 2012 onwards.

KTMB has set up an exhibit on details of the new Komuter at KL Sentral for public display.

Spacious: A picture of the interior of the new six-car train set

Called My Komuter, the train has a design speed of 140km per hour and an operating speed of 120km per hour.

Newly-added features of My Komuter include LCD info screens, LED destination indicator, two coaches for women, priority seating zone, dynamic route map, intercom and CCTV.

KTMB now has 53 stations with the addition of two new ones in Sungai Gadut and Senawang to take passengers from Batu Caves to Sungai Gadut and Tanjung Malim to Port Klang.

KTM Komuter started its services with 64 Electric Multiple Units. On Aug 3, 1995, the first KTM Komuter train began taking passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Rawang. Free trips were offered until Aug 11, 1995.

It began operating commercially between these two destinations and then extended to Salak South on September 1995.

From then on, it gained popularity among commuters, who do not want to be caught in traffic congestion.

It was reported that KTM Komuter contributed RM84.63mil to group revenue in 2006, higher than KTM Intercity’s profit of 70.94mil in the same year.

According to the Transport Ministry’s 2008 statistics, the ridership for the KTM Komuter is about 36.557 million passengers per annum.

However, over the years, its services had deteriorated considerably due to poor maintenance.

Limited spare parts has also resulted in most coaches being left in the depots, thus affecting frequency of service.

Lack of funds and expensive spare parts have also led to the deterioration of service.

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