Sunday, November 13, 2011

FAQ: RapidKL Transit card

KVMRT has received answers for several questions that commuters would like to know. The following answers were from RapidKL in a Twitter session.

Question 1
Is there any plan for RapidKL to integrate three cards (namely: Rabbit Card, MyRapid Card and Rapid Pass) into a single card?

RapidKL: Yes. The plan to use MyRapid Card in buses and KTM Komuter, but it is still in discussion stage and would be announced soon.

For Monorail, MyRapid Card can be used as early as February 2012. Commuters are advised to be patient. Thank you.

Question 2
Why there is no discount in fares by using Rabbit Card and MyRapid Card?

RapidKL: There is still no official announcement for discount XX%. Wait for the announcement! Expected when all the systems run smoothly.

This is the two questions that KVMRT managed to ask and received feedback from RapidKL in Twitter session. We hope it can clarify on some issues regarding the card system deployed by RapidKL.

Follow RapidKL at @MyRapidKL for latest updates, enquiries or feedback.

MyRapid Card

Token for single journey