Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Rapid Transit (MRT) logo design contest

My Rapid Transit (MRT) Logo Design Contest

Contest Info (from
Design A MRT Logo
Now you can be part of the history. Read more about the MRT on or
follow us on and design a logo for the MRT that you think will express
what MRT will stand for. You are free to choose style and concepts. But don’t forget to write a rationale for
your logo in not more than 140 characters.

Design Criteria
  1. Artwork must incorporate the following in the logo:
  • The acronym: MRT
  • The line: MY Rapid Transit (in the same order)
Submission Requirements
  1. To enter the logo competition, all contestants are required to first
    register at:
  2. All personal particulars of contestant must be valid and fields marked with
    * must be completed.
  3. All artworks must be submitted in only JPEG, GIF or PNG format.
  4. Image dimensions must be exactly 200 pixel x 200 pixel at 72dpi resolution.
  5. Every artwork submission must be accompanied by a completed rationale in not more
    than 140 characters.
  6. All artworks uploaded after 11.59pm on the 3rd August 2011(+8:00 GMT) will be
    considered void/unsuccessful.
Participate with 3 simple steps
The contest gives every Malaysian chance to win RM10,000 cash. And 20 consolation
winners take back RM2,000 each.
The contest opens on 3rd of July 2011 and closes on 3rd of August 2011(+8:00  GMT). So hurry!
Judging criteria and and other contest details can be found under terms & conditions page. We look forward to your participation!

Visit My Rapid Transit Website for more detail!

Among the best design:

 Prasarana Masyarakat Berbilang thumbnail image MRT-rahimanrahizar thumbnail image  MRT thumbnail image 3circle-mrt thumbnail image myTIMEs thumbnail image  myCATALYSTs thumbnail image  mrt logo 8-MODERN.RELAX.TREND thumbnail image  MRT LIN V7 thumbnail image  MY Rapid Transit v16 thumbnail image  comfort . fresh. trendy thumbnail image  myRIPPLE thumbnail image  My Rapid Transit thumbnail image My Rapid Transit thumbnail image  mrt towards the future thumbnail image MRT – A New Beginnning thumbnail image  MY Rapid Transit v7 thumbnail image  MRT7 thumbnail image  MRT6 thumbnail image  MRT10 thumbnail image  MRT-KD11j thumbnail image  the point thumbnail image  MODERN.RELAX.TREND thumbnail image   new_path3 thumbnail image  MRT LOGO 11-SUFFIAN EFFENDI thumbnail image

Update 1: Winners of MRT logo design contest has been announced on 10pm Wed, Aug 10. For winners list, click here.

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